About Us

One of my favorite things to do while living in Copiague was to stop by the neighborhood bagel shop each weekend grab some fresh bagels for my wife and myself. During this time does store belong to JR Deli, and me and my wife would dream for years to one day be able to be a part of such a service where we brought smiles in the face of customers every single day. 

Here we are today in 2017, where bought the business and are now continuing the tradition baking fresh bagels for the community. We have made a few changes to make the experience a little bit better for customers. Recognizing that a lot of our crowd was young, we had a few more TVs on TV menus so they can see the menu better. We also added an extra seating area along with the sit down bar so customers can have a chat and enjoy the clean food. 

We used to own a deli and my wife's home country, Poland. We treated out customers with amazing food, and a great experience. We want to the same with our new bagel & deli store. One thing about us is that we just simply love cooking, we have always cooked large meals for big family gatherings and things have not changed much now because we treat our customers as part of our family. Our manager Klaudia and Beatka are now a daughter and mother team, working together to make our Bagel & Deli shine. We are very happy to finally get the opportunity to own our own bagel and deli store, when we look forward to serve you. Come swing by our store one day and try us out – see you soon.